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5 Steps To Your Boyfriend’s Proposal


Dropping Hints

Men will generally drop hints that they want to get engaged. They can drop these hints at any time of day, and any day of the week – so be ready. They will drop hints like “do you want to go to my cousins wedding?” or “I guess it would be good to married some day?” These are all sure signs that they want to get engaged, all you got to say is “yes! when the moment arises”


Planning and Dreaming Stage

After you have your boyfriend starts hinting on a daily basis that he want’s to get married. You can now start planning, and dreaming; well in your mind anyway..But it’s still best to wait ’til he pops the question. You can start by checking out the great Pinterest wedding boards, and adding them to your brand new wedding board. Then you can start planning, who will be coming to the wedding, and other such details. You can find loads of useful resources (free) to help you plan your perfect wedding day by heading to our Wedding Countdown Organiser .


Waiting Phase

The waiting phase is knowing you are getting engaged but you just need to wait. Your Pinterest board is growing every day, you are talking to your parents about potential bridesmaids, checking your boyfriends pockets for a ring he might be hiding. You are also getting very excited because any day now your boyfriend could be asking you “do you want to get married”


The Proposal

This could be any day now but you should be looking out for common signs. These common signs will be things like him asking you “Do you want to go somewhere” or “I want to show you something special”. Finally this is the day you have been waiting for. He takes you to one of your special places, you have a nice meal, he makes his speech, he bends down on one knee, and reveals the ring to you. He says to you what you have been waiting to hear “Will you marry me?” and you say “Yes!”


The Honeymoon Stage

You are finally engaged, and you are wearing your engagement. You have changed you relationship status on social media, you have been telling your friends that he is more than a boyfriend now, you have been showing your new engagement ring to all of your associates, and friends. You have changed your wallpaper on your phone to a photo of your boyfriend, but you are really waiting for the real honeymoon now.


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