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How to Propose a Girl – Using The Correct Etiquette – The Do’s And Dont’s

There is absolutely no incorrect approach on how to propose a girl, however there are ways to make certain the marriage proposal goes off without a problem. With the aid of MadeAt94, listed here are the tips for taking this substantial step toward wedded joy in stride.

The Do’s

Do Make It Meaningful

how to propose a girl

If ever there was a time for getting sentimental, this is it. Think back on the noteworthy moments in your relationship. Take your sweetheart back to where you first met, kissed, or said, “I love you!” Share a favourite restaurant, view, stroll, or even a song, movie, or book? Creatively draw on these special details to, well, make a special day even more so.

Consider If the Proposal Should Be Public or Private

how to propose a girl

Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight – Does She like it? If you are unsure what your soon to be fiancee would prefer, it’s time to do some digging, which, honestly, may start with subtly asking him or her themselves.

Have a Backup Plan

how to propose a girl

Thinking a walk along the beach would be the perfect place? Or the top of a mountain after a daylong hike? Those choices are both lovely … until you wake up that day to dark skies and stormy weather. As you’re brainstorming your plan, have a few indoor spaces—her favourite museum, for example, or the place you first met—in your back pocket should Mother Nature prove an issue.

Tradition or not?

how to propose a girl

If you’re a guy about to propose to your girlfriend, tradition would tell you that you should approach her parents first to ask for her hand in marriage. If you’re not the traditional type, however (and won’t be offending any of her family members who are), there’s nothing standing between you and your to-be-fiancée, except maybe a mean case of the jitters. That said, once you slip the ring on her finger, you should call or visit both sets of parents before broadcasting your news to the wider, social-media world. Marriage means putting family first, starting right now –  the worst thing that could happen someone on social telling your news to an important person in your life ; you can’t get that moment back.


The Dont’s

Don’t Be Trendy

how to propose a girl

Sure, that restaurant that everyone is talking about may sound like the perfect answer how to propose a girl #romanticnightout, but will today’s hot spot be tomorrow’s old news? When it comes to selecting a destination for popping the question, find a place that will always be there. Whether it’s a historical monument or an outdoor location, the idea that you can always return there—even when you’re old and gray—is a great one.

Remember the Law

how to propose a girl

If you are thinking how to propose a girl, and orchestrating an elaborate proposal plan, cover your bases. Cops and park officials are positively heartless when it comes to any kind of special setup that doesn’t have the proper permits, even if it’s for a proposal. Try to find a location that you can actually rent versus doing some sort of guerrilla pop-up plan that can easily be foiled.

Don’t Let the Secret Slip

how to propose a girl

The more details people know, the more you risk ruining the surprise. Find out who needs to know what ahead of time, and keep everyone on a need-to-know basis. Even vendors that you hire to help you pop the question—if they do not absolutely need to know, then don’t tell them. One chance is all you get… It’s a pretty big deal so treat it as one.


What will you do after it? Think…

how to propose a girl

To go above and beyond, think about what comes next – how to propose a girl properly. What happens after your intended says yes (besides jumping up and down!)? If you’re on vacation overseas, think ahead about how to propose a girl and have your international calling set up on your phone, or Wi-Fi so you can Skype to share the news. If you’re popping the question on a Friday morning before work, be sure it’s okay if she runs a few minutes late. Once you hear yes, you’ll want to bask in the glow of being engaged before having to run off.

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