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Wedding Guest List Tips For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Guest List Tips For Your Wedding Ceremony

“Guest list!”

“Total stress!”

Coming up with a wedding guest list may not be as easy as settling for a wedding gown or a cake supplier. So we thought we would help by giving you some wedding guest list tips.

Let’s face it, settling on who to invite to your wedding is not easy but this should not be the case.

Before I share tips on how to make a wedding guest list, you need to have a meeting with yourself. Face the fact that, it is your wedding and you have the power to invite anyone you please (it goes without saying your partner should be involved).

wedding guest list tips

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Settle and decide on the number of people to invite

A perfect way of coming up with the estimated number of guests at your wedding is deciding whether you want a small, average or large wedding. A large wedding involves 200 or more people. An average wedding range between 100 to 190 people. A small wedding ranges between 50-100 people.

With the statistics in mind, you are now fully armed to decide on the number.

What’s your budget?

The more guests you have, the higher your budget will be. You can never challenge this fact. As much as you are not a people pleaser, your guests need to be comfortable. Eat well, drink and have fun.

Ok..some more wedding guest list tips to solve this misery: The internet has a good number of budget calculators that will help you see the cost implication for every guest you add or remove.

wedding guest list tips


Make rules about important aspects of choosing your Wedding Guest list and don’t bend them for anyone.

It is crucial for you to set the rules and follow them to the latter. Parents might try getting additional people onto your list, but you need to stand on your ground. If anyone is adamant about adding someone to your list, suggest they chip into your budget, that might dissuade them a little. Some caution: Making the rules and abiding by them might sound mean, and maybe you might have guilt eating you up. Take it easy! You have done what is best for you!

It is wise to have two lists: A and B

List A tends to include the people you can’t afford to miss on the wedding day. List B comprises of a list of people you want to have in case of an opening crop up. It is advisable for you to send out the invitations for list A about 10 weeks before the wedding. In case you get some regrets, it is time for you to pull out your second option (list B). Replace the regrets by sending invitations to people on list B.

It is tempting but……

Avoid the last minute add-on

Wedding guest list tips that you need to remember! Bumping into someone who is not is on your guest list might happen. It’s easy for them to try to convince you to add them to your list by expressing interest in attending your wedding. It’s tempting to hand them an invitation card. Please say no to the temptation. You worked extremely hard to create your list. You can’t afford to start bending it the last minute.

Brace yourself for some difficult conversations. Find the best way to tell people you can’t have them all attend your wedding as much as you would love to. Congratulations on tackling the most challenging aspect of your wedding.

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