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how to prepare for bridal makeup | Top Tips

how to prepare for bridal makeup | Top Tips

How to prepare for bridal makeup

When it came to preparing for my big wedding day, I decided to do my own wedding make-up. I understand that this is not everyone’s choice and that not every bride to be would be confident with their own ability to do their make up for such a big, massively photographed occasion! And of course everyone wants to feel like a princess on their special day so why would you do your own when you can sit and get exactly what you want without the stress of getting it right yourself.

how to prepare for bridal makeup

The reason for me doing my own Makeup....

Was that I was getting married 500 miles from home, so I wouldn’t have had the opportunity for a trial. I wasn’t prepared to put my wedding Makeup in the hands of someone I had never met!

My top tips for wedding make up whether doing your own or getting a make up artist is research and trial. Go with recommendations and have as many trials as you need until you feel confident.
I went to a few different make up counters for makeovers to get an idea of the look I wanted and colours. Some brands offer free trials but please note that they will try and sell everything to you, so you need to be strong if you don’t want all, or any of their products!
I had individual eyelashes applied 4 days before the wedding so that I didn’t need to faff about trying to glue on strip eyelashes. You could also get a lash lift which gives a great effect if you’re not into fake lashes.

With your foundation, always make sure you get colour matched by a professional, and if you’re going to be putting on fake tan, then make sure you’ve had one when getting colour matched. Some counters will give you a little bottle of tester that will last around 5-7 applications, so plenty for trying out your look at home.

How to prepare for bridal makeup

If you are having a make up artist and you don’t like the initial make up, speak up because they will want you to be happy. How will they know that you’re not 100% happy with your makeup, if you don’t say anything!
Remember to get a good fixing spray (mac do a good one) as you need your look to last all day.
You need to realise that your photos will be around forever, for people to look at, so make sure you are 100% happy with your final look.

bridal make up


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