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Wedding Car Hire. What you need to know, Tips and Tricks

Wedding Car Hire. What you need to know, Tips and Tricks

Your wedding day is fast approaching, or you are super organised and this is one of many things that you have already thought about months and months ahead of schedule. Either way, you need to make transport arrangements. Wedding car hire services are readily available but who best fits your budget and commitments of the day? You, need to know how and when to book their services and learn about other ideas to make your day a perfect success. There are some factors you need to consider include:

  • The number of bridesmaids or groomsmen
  • Other family members who are to be included in the hired cars
  • The style of your wedding and the car style to reflect this
  • The reliability of the service… you don’t want to hire a vehicle that will break down on your wedding day.


Style of the wedding

This should be pretty obvious but for example, If you choose to have a vintage wedding, your fleet of wedding cars should be vintage too. Modern weddings will offer the latest models on the market to fit your style. One most important factor before hiring the vehicle is to check out for the service record to ensure the vehicle is in excellent condition. Your choice of car will reflect your lifestyle and budget of course.


Number of people expected to use the cars

When hiring the cars, know your number of groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys in the lineup. Also, parents the grooms and the brides plus other children in the family. Having a list of these people will help you know the number of cars to hire or help you cut down on the budget by hiring one big car which is economical. You don’t want the cars turning up on the day only to realise that there is one too many people standing outside waiting for their ride to the service.


Company reputation

Equally, you don’t want thte entire wedding party going in cars to be waiting because the cars haven’t turned up and who aren’t coming. Various companies offer car hire services but how good are they at their work. How reliable are they?  Excellent companies have drivers with GPS, and they follow timetables. The companies also allocate the duty to drivers who are conversant your region or venue of the wedding. It is crucial to consult several people about the services you are about to hire and know their view. Also, visit their website and social media pages to read the comments and reviews left by customers. Reviews are king in the worlds we live in today.


Backup services

Does the company have a backup service? A vehicle may experience a mechanical hitch and will require immediate replacement or attendance of a mechanic. Other times, drivers fail to appear on the morning of your wedding. Such eventualities should be catered for and discussed before signing of the contract. The company should elaborate in the event there is a need to change a car due to mechanical problems, they should replace with an equal match to the hired car.

Wedding Car Hire. What you need to know, Tips and Tricks


Read the contract

Most important is to read your hiring agreement and terms and service. Know how long you will have the car and the amount of money you are expected to pay. It is advisable to carry along a person who will help you understand the conditions of hire once you settle down on using their services.

Once you have decided on the type of car or cars you need, book well in advance by making a down payment. Some of these cars are competitive for hire thus the need to make inquiries early and make payment. Make sure the transport budget falls within your target to avoid extra expenses. The allocated persons are the only ones who should use these cars. Make sure you sign for exclusivity on the car agreement to avoid having the vehicles leaving before the paid session.


Budget…Can you afford everything you thought about above?

It’s all well and fine having the thoughts and imagination but can your budget cope with it. Come back to reality just for a second and sit down with your partner. Ask the question, what can we really afford, on top of everything else we are putting on? What will not break the bank but also add that little piece of perfect to your wedding day. Compromise does not always need to mean less of perfect.

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