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Booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book

Booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book

Take a moment and imagine how brilliant you want your wedding venue to look. Imagine the well-arranged flowers making the place perfect. You need to make that dream wedding come to reality. Chances are you have no experience with flowers. Don’t fret, booking a wedding florist will make it stress free for you. One less thing to worry about. Read on about our take on booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book.

Have you worked with a florist before? If the answer is no, you might be feeling like getting a florist to work with is rocket science. Relax, it is not that difficult. There are a set of questions you need to ask before you book a florist. If you follow them it will help you pick the best florist.

Why did you choose to be a florist?

This question will help you know how passionate the person you are about to hire is with his/her job. Also, you will get a chance to understand what drives and motivates them. Be sure to ask where they trained to be a florist.

Can you work with my budget?

Weddings can put you in a tight corner, financially. Every expense for your wedding is usually allocated in the budget. Before booking a florist be honest with what you think you can afford. If they can work with your budget, well and good. If not the search continues. Some florists are kind enough to help you make your budget work for you.

Are you experienced in working with weddings?

This question will help you gauge how experienced the florist is. Experience is an indicator of expertise and knowledge. That said, it does not mean florists with low experience can’t deliver what you want. They might even be the best match for you. What experience does give the wedding florist is the knowledge of what worked in the past, so they can potentially advise you of what will look stunning. Remember the whole point of this, its all about booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book

Do you have a portfolio for me to look at?

If there is no portfolio for you to see, you should be wary. Availability of past work samples will help you know whether you share the same taste with the florist.

Have you done flowers for our wedding venue before?

If the florist has worked with your wedding venue before, that is a plus for you. The florist knows the ins and outs of them, and it will be easy for them to transform it into what you want. It may even be something for you to ask the venue, to see if they know of reputable florists who have provided for previous weddings.

How many events do you have to attend to on my wedding day?

If your florist is handling multiple clients on your wedding day, be sure to confirm they have enough staff. It is crucial to meet the person who will be handling your flowers just to make sure they get your vision.

How are the charges? Flat rate or per item?

Before you decide, you need to know what is included in the packages and what the extras are. For instance, if a vase is broken, how much will you be charged? Also, it is essential to know about the payment terms.

Will you have a mock up for me and work with me to find the perfect arrangement?

Regardless of how impressive a florist is, you need a mock-up to determine whether they can bring out your dream designs and arrangements. The mock will help you be sure that things will be as planned on your big day.

What will happen to the flowers after the wedding?

When you hire a florist, the prices quoted are inclusive of a sublet cost for vases and other containers that will be used to display the flowers. In such a scenario, it is important to note that the flowers will be all yours but the florist will take the vases and containers home.

Interview different florists with the above questions until you find one who will meet your needs and is determined to bring out the best on your big day.

Booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book

Booking a Wedding Florist- What you need to ask before you book. I hope you found this helpful in even the smallest of ways!

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