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Wedding Invitation Etiquette- When to send out Wedding invitations

Wedding Invitation Etiquette- When to send out Wedding invitations

The guest list, check!


Are your invitation cards ready? If yes, I know you are itching to send them out. Let me guess your mind has a good number of questions regarding sending out invitations. Some situations may arise, and you might not know how to address them. Don’t worry I’m here to help and explain the nitty-gritty around wedding invitations etiquette.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette- When to send out Wedding invitations

When is the best appropriate time to send out invitations?

If it’s a destination wedding i’d say, send them out as soon as possible. However traditionally they say that you should send out your wedding invitations around six to eight weeks ahead of the big day. Although from our point of view, in today’s busy world this is maybe a little short notice so we would say give them 3-4 months. This gives your guests ample time to prepare for your big. The time is sufficient for them to clear the schedules, make travel plans for those who are far, get  plan on what to wear to look absolutely gorgeous on that day and definitely shop for a gift. SO…Destination weddings need more preparation and we’d recommend giving your guests more notice these days.

Where should we include our information about our wedding?

Do you have a save the date card? If yes, that’s where your wedding website should go. If you don’t have a save-the-date card, don’t worry. As you send your invitations, insert a small card with the website information.

How do we make people understand it is an adult only wedding?

Your wedding, your choice! To avoid having misunderstandings with your guests, address your invitations accordingly. Address each guest by their name. If you find any of the guest replying with your children’s names included politely let them know its adults only. Make sure this important piece of information is included on your wedding website.

When should we set the RSVPs deadlines?

Two to three weeks before the wedding is ideal if you’re using a hotel for your venue and meals. This is normally the time frame for them. It will help you have a definite number of the guests you, and it will make it will be ample time to communicate and make arrangements with your chosen wedding venue. However, if you are organising your own wedding or having help but planning individual sections such as seating numbers and catering services OR if your mum is cooking everything like mine did THEN you need to know numbers as soon as possible. In this case you need to really set the deadline to 4-5 weeks.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette- When to send out Wedding invitations

What is the best way to tell our guests about the dress code?

Dress code is a delicate issue. Your guests should be in a position to pick the code from the design of your invitation cards. A formal look on your invitation should mean they need to dress in a formal manner. An invite with cute, funny and playful fonts should by default tell them to dress casually.

Also, you can give them clues by putting it in the lower right-hand corner of your invite. I would say though that it’s your wedding so if you want to put a specific dress code, should it be a Scottish Theme or Fancy dress, then do it. 

Where should we put the return addresses?

The return addresses belong to the back flap of the envelope. Don’t forget to add the Organisers name and address on the RSVP envelopes.

Do you have a question about sending out wedding invitations? Feel free to get in touch or comment in the section below.

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