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When should you start your Wedding Skin Care Routine?

Makeup can cover a multitude of sins but the best foundation is good skin. Start a skin care routine as soon as the engagement ring is on the finger! Not sure where to start? Get in touch with your trusted beauty therapist as they will be able to advise you on what is best for your skin. Facials are the perfect opportunity to treat your skin and destress the mind. Ideally at least once a month but if you have a persistent concern such as acne you may need them more frequently to start with. I swear by Environ Skincare as it is a targeted treatment that actually gets to the lower layers of the skin and treats the root cause. Sure the fancy smells of some brands can be appealing but generally they can be all fluff and puff and not actually get results because they sit on the surface and don’t penetrate through the protective layer of the skin. In addition to this start looking at nutritional support, the stress of planning a wedding can mean you need more nutrients than you are taking in and this shows on the skin.

A Bit About The Expert

I remember sitting in a friend’s house, surrounded by friends, totally absorbed in her advanced skincare book with not a clue where to go next in my career. I had just dropped out of Art School and was working in a supermarket, wishing I could get some sort of inspiration for my next step. It was after missing pretty much all the conversation she suggested I contact my local college and look into training in Beauty Therapy.

After studying at the local college and working in a salon for 2 years I was able to secure a job at The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. Working here opened my eyes to a whole other world. From celebrity clients to local brides, I realised my true passion was offering services that made people feel good about themselves. I was so lucky to get to work with amazing therapists who guided me and had some great clients who helped me on the next step of my journey. One in particular was a local businesswoman who was hosting a photoshoot for her salon, she had heard about my desire to get extra training in makeup and so invited me to come see how a real makeup artist worked. This was really my foot in the door. The makeup artist found out I was planning on going to college to get an additional HND in Makeup Artistry and offered to help me by hiring me as an assistant. And so off to Glasgow I went! I studied for 2 years at Clydebank College and worked on makeup counters and as a makeup assistant. Sure, it was long hours and early starts but I was smitten with the industry. I got to work for the BBC, Mac, Illamasqua and London Fashion week! But the biggest buzz? When I could help a bride with her prep work and on the day with her makeup. I loved that I could use both my qualifications and realised while I could do the high fashion and SFX Makeup, my true passion was weddings.

Unfortunately, just after I qualified the country hit an economic recession and I was forced to look for a steady income. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it helped me be prepared for when I eventually set up on my own. I worked for 5 years as an educator for a large London based Skincare, Makeup and Nutrition Distributer, travelling throughout the UK and Ireland, delivering training sessions and seminar talks. But the call of home and my new hubby made me rethink the whole travelling situation and eventually I bit the bullet and set up my own salon back in St Andrews, working in the hair salon that essentially gave me my break into the makeup industry! I was able to put everything I had learned from working with makeup artists, advanced skincare therapists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons to great use in helping the brides of St Andrews get ready for their big day. Its been almost 5 years since I took the plunge and went solo and the salon has grown and my job isn’t really a job, it’s a passion.

A Little Wedding Story

While on a wedding callout to The Cow Shed in Crail, the bride’s brother was practising his musical interlude for during the signing of the register. He started playing a well-known movie score and the Maid of Honour and myself instantly burst into song. Unfortunately, the original has no lyrics and we were signing the made-up lyrics by the comedian Nick Mohammed. You guessed it; we were signing Jurassic Park! Instantly the room went silent and at the end everyone was in hysterics. Honestly one of the funniest moments I have had at a wedding call out.

P.S. if you haven’t heard the lyrics google 8 Out Of 10 Cats: Jurassic Park Song. You won’t be disappointed.

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Are you local to St Andrews? I cover the whole of St Andrews, The East Neuk of Fife and Tayside. I can on occasion travel further afield.

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