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Wedding Planning Tips – How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress – Part 1

Wedding Planning Tips – How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress – Part 1

Choosing your Wedding Dress can be a daunting. You are leading up to the moment where you just feel that the dress you are wearing is the one for you. Disregard prior thoughts on which style you would like, whether you want sleeveless or not etc. etc. You need to feel special in the dress and you will know when you have chosen the right wedding dress.

Take time to look through the video below, which educates you in the whole journey of getting the perfect wedding dress for you! Once you’ve finished with this PART 1 head on over to PART 2 for the hidden gems of information on how to get your perfect wedding dress. Click Here

How long before a bride is getting married would you advise them to start looking for a dress?

We recommend roughly 12 months before(4-8 months for delivery of some dresses), however if you have 3 weeks to go, we can easily accommodate as we have a large off the rail selection of wedding dresses available.

Are you appointment only? Is this how most bridal boutiques work?

We recommend you book an appointment, therefore it’s private and not so much of a rush, however if we’re quiet you can pop in for a look. 

How far ahead are you guys booked up for?

If you have a certain time and date we recommend 2/3 weeks in advance.

Do you close the shop for appointments?

We don’t close the shop however both bridal and bridesmaid sides are private. Some smaller boutiques will have a by appointment only policy and the shop will be completely closed off for the bridal party.

Do you have dresses they can buy and take on the day or do they need to order? If so how long do they take to come in, is it weeks or months?

To order roughly 4-8 months but we do have a selection of dresses you can take home on the day.

What should they wear on the day of their appointment, should they bring a dressing gown, I imagine most won’t have their wedding underwear at this point to bring along, so what would you say?

Nude underwear and a strapless bra is best, we have our own dressing gown but between dresses there isn’t really time to put it on and off. 

Would you say to wear their hair up/down if this is what they plan for on the day..and makeup or tan?

We recommend hair up, make up is fine but no fake tan as this rubs off onto our dresses.

I’m sure a lot of brides come in with an idea of what they want, but do you also show them what you think would suit them? After all, you guys have been doing this a long time.

Most brides go for the opposite of what they think they will like before trying the dresses on. We encourage our brides to try all different styles and shapes. This gives them a fuller picture about what suits their shape and what style they would look the best in on the day.

To get in contact with the Bridal Boutique click on the links below and i’m sure they will be happy help you.


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