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Wedding Planning Tips – How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress – Part 2

Wedding Planning Tips – How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress – Part 2

This is part 2 of our interview with Yvonne and Rebecca from the The Bridal Boutique. Learn from the experts in your search for the perfect wedding dress. Make sure and visit our Personalised Facebook page as well for stunning bespoke items for on and before your wedding day! Check out the next video below.

Oh and if you have clicked on this page and haven’t seen Part 1 Click Here

How many people can the bride bring along with her to her appointment?

We recommend 2/3 that way its not an overload of other peoples opinions.

Do you do payment schemes or is it an upfront payment on the day?

We offer two ways of payment- either 50% deposit when you order and remaining balance once your dress arrives or we do payment plans where you put down a deposit and pay balance over 3,4,6 months, we try an accommodate all brides budgets.

A lot of girls are embarrassed changing in front of other people, especially ones they’ve just met! How do you put them at ease on the day?

We try and make your appointment as relaxed as possible. Our staff are friendly and the atmosphere in the shop is very relaxed.

Do you stock lots of sizes to try?

Yes, our samples range from size 10-26 and we have over 150 styles to choose from.

Do you also stock all the accessories?

Yes we have a full range of veils, tiaras and belts in store

Do you have bridesmaids dresses, so everything can be tried on in one day?

Yes, over 150 styles and colours, everything can be done in one day.

What’s your main advise to brides coming in?

Come in with an open and positive mind. There’s a perfect bridal dress for every bride no matter size and budget and we love helping brides find theirs. 

To get in contact with the Bridal Boutique click on the links below and i’m sure they will be happy help you.


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