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Key Questions You Need To Ask You Wedding Photographer

Key Questions You Need To Ask You Wedding Photographer

Below are some of the questions that we asked Angus Forbes Photography about the questions you should be asking your wedding photographer.

Ideally how far ahead of the wedding should you book your photographer?
That depends on the time of year the wedding is, for example Mid Summer Saturdays book between 18 months and 2 years ahead. Off season or mid week Weddings will book about 6-12 months ahead.

What information do you ask for from your couple?

Simple stuff really but most importantly the date and venue, your address and contact details. Closer to the date I want to know much more such as, time of service, who is performing the service, who are the main people – parents, bridesmaids etc. 
What advice do you have for the couple?
Meet any photographers who you think you like, ask to see at least one complete Wedding. If you love their work but dont feel comfortable with their personality, walk away. They will be with you for almost your entire Wedding day, it will be a long day if you dont get along. Ask for reviews from previous brides. 

Do you work on your own or with another photographer so that both people can be photographed on the lead up to the ceremony?

I work alone because I don’t trust anyone to meet my exacting standards but its still possible for the Bride and Groom to be photographed before the day depending on the locations.

Do you ask the couple to create a list of images they would like captured?

Yes, especially for the family group photos, families are all entirely different 

When do you work up to..for example, would it be the first dance?

I stay until the 3rd dance to get a wide variety of shots 

How long after the wedding will they get their photos?

I work hard to get them within 10 days but I am never longer than two weeks except in unusual circumstances such as if I was going on holiday right after the Wedding

Do you provide a photo book or do the pictures come on a usb stick or cd?

All my packages come with a digital copy of the photos on disc, if people want an album then they can have that too

Do different photographers offer different styles? How would you describe your style?

My style is very relaxed, I set out to capture the day as it happened. My photographs are all bright and very well lit, fashions come and go but a Wedding album should last generations so I like to avoid passing fads 

How long would you set aside for photos after the ceremony?

I would allow a total of one hour, that’s about 30 minutes for family group photos and 30 minutes for bride and groom photos. That generally gives the couple a good 45 minutes to speak to their guests. Photography is just a small part of the day, it shouldn’t take over the day and sadly many photographers think the day is about them or their work.

If the ceremony venue is different from the reception venue where are the photos normally taken?

That depends on what the couple want, if the church was lovely with nice gardens then we could do it there, if the venue was nicer we would go there. Its all part of the planning to make sure we are all clear on what we are doing
What is it that you love about photographing weddings?

I love working with people on the happiest day of their lives, Wedding Photography is as much about people skills as it is about photography. 
How far do you travel and what areas do you cover?

I will literally go anywhere if a couple want me to, I regularly cover all of Scotland and frequently go well into England for Weddings

What happens if you are ill on the day of the wedding?

I have a good arrangement with other photographers who would cover for me, I have covered for them before but I should point out that in all the years I have done this , I have never missed a Wedding 
Engagement or pre wedding photos seem to be popular now, is this something you offer?Yes, absolutely – its included in one  of my packages and is available as an add on to the others. Its a great way to break the ice if the couple are slightly nervous about getting photographed

When do the couple pay? do they put a deposit down to secure the date?

I ask for a £300 deposit to secure the date, thats the couples commitment to me that they want to book. The balance is due on or before the day

You can find out more about Angus Forbes Photography below: https://www.facebook.com/Photographybyangusforbes/


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