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Do you really need a Toastmaster for your wedding?

Do you really need a Toastmaster for your wedding?

Planning for a wedding can sometimes be an uphill task. You will need an efficient team that will make sure the big day is auspicious.  Hired services include a toastmaster? But, do you really need a toastmaster on your day? The answer is either yes or no depending on your arrangements and availability of the service. Professionalism is a significant factor to consider before hiring the services of a toastmaster.

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Do you really need a Toastmaster for your wedding?

The toastmaster will be in charge of all activities of the day and make sure they fall within the assigned time. He or she should be the first person to check in at the venue and make sure the setup is according to your requirements. Also ensure if there are other service providers, they are all set up in their designated areas before the arrival of your guests. A toastmaster has an essential duty of ensuring all guests are booked into the hotel if they will be staying at the venue and direct them to their allocated rooms.

When the bridal party arrives, the toastmaster makes all arrangements on photography making sure all crucial persons and groups are captured. He should make any necessary announcements and introductions when required to do so. Also, ensure all gifts are stored safely ready for transport to the newlywed home.

Other duties include escorting the groom and bride to their room. A toastmaster will ensure all appreciation gifts are handed over to the owners and also the cake cutting is carried out in order. You may recommend the toastmaster to stay up to the evening to receive more guests and introduce the new couple to the dance floor. He or she formally closes the proceeding of the wedding.

Why you  don’t really  need a Toastmaster

Some people do not agree with the idea of a toastmaster at a wedding.  The people presume they are a disturbance and unwanted or it is purely a waste of time and money. Some venues have the services of a toastmaster included in their package thus there is no need of an extra cost. However, the duties of a toastmaster can easily be divided among your friends and family, and you will have a successful day. If you have someone in mind that can make such a good organisation, then you do not need a toastmaster. Proper planning ahead of your wedding like booking of hotels and involving a wedding planner will automatically take over the duties of the toastmaster.

So the question is Do you really need a Toastmaster for your wedding?

If you need the services of a toastmaster, make sure the services are professional. He or she should have registered with a specific toastmaster council to proof their legitimacy and delegation of duties in the event one is not able to perform as required due to unavoidable circumstances.

It is crucial a toastmaster should have liability insurance which he or she produces before the commencement of the contract. The fee of a professional toastmaster is slightly high depending on the agreed duties. Therefore, you now can decide on whether or not to have the services of a toastmaster during your wedding. …So the question is do you really need a Toastmaster for your wedding?

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