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Top 14 questions to ask your wedding caterers

Top 14 questions to ask your wedding caterers

The guests at a wedding are as important as the wedding vows. Thus they must be treated well by ensuring the food and drinks served are up to standard and flowing. Your choice of wedding caterers, if you are going down this path, is very important. There are questions to ask your wedding caterer to determine you are on the right track. All of these questions to ask your wedding caterer are based on the food and services offered and if there are other additions to the package.

What are the questions to ask your wedding caterer?

You already know the venue and style of wedding you want. Hire the right caterer based on these the answers given to these Perfect Food and Drink Questionnaire.

Has the caterer served in the same venue?

Sometimes a venue set up may appear tricky. It is essential to ask if the caterer ever served in that particular venue or a similar set up to what you have. Not all venues have a typical menu. Look out for a menu that will work best for you. Another question that comes to mind, is the one about size. If you are having a large wedding with a big number of day time guests, make sure that the wedding catering company have dealt with similar numbers. Always remember that they want your business so you are in charge, and this is your one perfect wedding day that you want to be seamless.

The source of ingredients

Before you meet your caterer, know the ingredients you need and if they are in season and they are of good quality. A good caterer will go an extra mile to look for a particular type of inclusion that is not in season in your area. Such a service may cost more than you expect.

Where will the food be prepared?

Some caterers opt to cook the food in their kitchen and transport it to the venue. However, there is a choice of having the food prepared and cooked on site. The decision sometimes depends on distance and your choice of menu. Again, this is your day, therefore you want to know every detail so that on the day you just know… You know everything…no surprises or questions of ‘What time did the caterers say they would be arriving’ or ‘where were they driving from..how far is it?

Who pays for the rentals?

Good question because some venues have tableware, linen, tables, chairs and other catering equipment on site, that they rent out. It is vital to know who will handle the rentals before signing of the contract. If the caterer handles the charges, the same will reflect in your agreement.

Do they have more events on this day?

A caterer may have more than one event on your wedding day to cater. However, the fewer the activities he/she has, the more attention you receive on your end. Also, the person you contacted when hiring their services should be available on this day to keep you at peace.

What is the colour theme of the day?

I think that this is one of the things that can easily be missed and your caterer should know your theme before the wedding day. Ask if they have the appropriate linen to avoid a colour crash during the buffet. Get a feel for what it will look like on the day with the staffing colours and your theme.

What is your budget?

As I said before, It is vital to let the caterer know your budget and should not exceed on what you have offered to pay.

What is included in the menu?

Once you present your budget and proposed menu, go through and know what your caterer will offer and if there are extras given on this day.

questions to ask your wedding cater

What is not included in the menu?

Some caterers avoid some services like pouring the champagne for the toast, cutting and serving the cake or other drinks that are expensive. You can choose an alternative menu of desserts to be served in place of drinks. Again, go through the day in your mind. Walk through the guests arriving, them mingling, what happens and when…? Would you be happy with this as a guest.

What type of tableware will they use?

During the tasting, the caterer may present some beautiful tableware and extra upsells. Ask if the same will be used during your wedding if not, let them show you what they intend to use. This of course is if you are hiring the cutlery from them and not the venue.

Which serving ratio will they use?

The same case happens during the tasting. A caterer will serve a substantial amount of food. The same proportion is what should be served during your wedding. It should also include the serving ratio.Just make sure you get the answers before it’s too late and you have a room ful of hungry guests that may turn into a HANGRY audience…(Do you see what I did there? Add the Letter from Hungry to the word Angry..)Not that funny but you get the point though. Food is everything on the day.

What are the extra services?

The parents and couples table should have a slightly different menu and table set up. Ask if they provide for such services and the cost of the same.

Is the caterer time conscious?

Other really important questions to ask your wedding caterer before you take the plunge are, what is there normal timings like during a wedding? It will be really boring if guests are kept waiting for food. Someone who keeps time is your right choice.

Is the caterer a professional?

Go through their social media account to know how best they perform at other events. Such an idea will guide you in making the right decision. These are the questions to ask your wedding caterer before signing up to anything!

It is critical to only hire a caterer with known excellent services. Your guests will look back and remember your wedding day for the excellent smooth service with well cooked fine food and seamless transitions. This will last years too, so you want be proud and confident that they remember your day as a huge Perfect success.”


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