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How To Make Your Own Wedding Rings Workshop Ideas

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Thinking about making something a little different and special to place on your fingers, on the biggest day of your life? Look at this video to gain the knowledge you need to decide whether making your own rings is something for you.

Where are you based

The Jewellery workshop in Dundee, Wasps Studios, Meadow Mill, West Hendersons Wynd – an old jute mill now artists and designers workspace
Do they come to you or do you go to them?

You will come to my workshop.
What materials can they have their rings made from?

They can have Silver, Gold – red, yellow and white – 9ct or 18ct, platinum 

Can they make their rings from old jewellery that might have been in the family?

Yes I can melt down your family gold and have it ready as wire to make your rings on the day. 

Run me through the day

You will arrive at my workshop at 10.30am. We will have a brief discussion again about the rings you are looking to make. We will previously of had a meeting about the style of rings you would like to make and what materials we are going to use so I will have these ready for you. I will then do a brief demonstration on how to make your rings and then we will get to work making your own wedding rings. You can enjoy prosecco, tea, coffee and juice whilst making with nibbles to keep you going. half way through the day I will provide you with lunch just let me know of any dietary requirements. I will take photographs throughout the workshop for you to keep and look back on. You can make your own ring or make each others. We will make the rings to a very high standard finish and if you would like hallmarking, engraving, plating or stone setting done this will be done after the workshop and can take a few weeks. Dogs are welcome if you would like to bring your furry friend along. The studio is yours for the day so it can take as long as you like. Most workshops last around 4-5hours.

Can they take away the finished product in the day or do they need to come to you a couple of times to get the rings finished?

Yes you can take their rings away on the day. If you would like your rings hallmarked, engraved, rhodium plated or stone set the rings will be left with me to finish.
Do you provide ring boxes to keep the rings safe till the day?

You will be given a double ring box to take your rings away in.

You can find out more from Scarlett below:


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