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Engagement Ideas | How Do You Get Engaged To Your Girlfriend?

Engagement Ideas | How Do You Get Engaged To Your Girlfriend?

How indeed ? Want to know some great engagement ideas on how do you get engaged to your girlfriend? Well in this post we discuss the top 5 engagement ideas!

1. Picking The Ring

So.. how do you get engaged to your girlfriend? If you want to get engaged to your girlfriend it’s always great to get a ring beforehand so you don’t get embarrassed when she asks you “so where is the ring”. Each girl is different when it comes to engagement rings but generally a safe option is to get her a diamond engagement ring. The sound of diamonds might come to a shock to you because they are often thought of being very expensive but just like a budget, diamonds come in all sizes. A small diamond engagement ring is relatively inexpensive these days, so you should be able to get one at a reasonable price.

Take a note there are plenty of options to chose from. And even some creative options out there, so be vigilant.

2. How To Ask Her Parents

After getting the engagement ring, the next step is how to ask her parents that you want to get married to their daughter. Generally the traditional way would be at to ask them at a family dinner, where you would just wait for a quite moment in the conversation, and ask then. Alternatively if you are a shy person, you could try a more contemporary approach, and just message them on Facebook.

3. How to Know If You’re at the Right Point In Your Relationship

If you have been with your girlfriend for a number of years, she should let you know by giving you certain hints like “My girlfriend just got engaged. I wonder when we will get engaged”. This would be a sure sign that your girlfriend is ready to get engaged.

4. When, and Where

Everyone is different so an engagement proposal of when, where, and how might entirely different to your circumstance. The when should be a special time you spent together doing something special like the date of your first kiss, and the where could be a special place that you both enjoy going to like at a certain spot on a beach.

5. How To Actually Do The Proposal

How do you get engaged to your girlfriend – The Actual Proposal – For a proposal to work correctly you should have a speech that you have remembered, the ring that you decided that she would like, your girlfriends parents approval, and a special place to propose to her at. Be a gentleman to her, treat her nice, make your speech, then kneel down on one knee, and say “Will you marry me”. Then show her the ring that you brought for her. Make sure not to forget the ring because it’s one of the most important parts of the proposal.

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