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How To Ask A Girl To Marry You? 8 Must Read Steps

How To Ask A Girl To Marry You? 8 Must Read Steps

If you are thinking of some ideas for asking your girlfriend to marry you, there are a few things you must understand.


Talk To Her About Marriage Ahead Of Time

How To Ask A Girl To Marry You! If you are thinking of asking a girl to marry you its always best to talk to her about marriage ahead of time so that there are no surprises when you ask the important question. Asking about marriage a head of time is also great for getting the both of you prepared for the many events that are yet to come. This doesn’t need to be done in a way that she knows that you are about to propose. It can be done subtly during conversation OR by getting her friends to do it in a clever way. Another great option, only if they have this of course, is using family, like a sister or a brother to drop the question ‘So…could you see yourself marrying this man..?’. Step 1 of ‘How To Ask A Girl To Marry You’.


Get Tips From Her Best Friend/Mother

Its always good to get tips a head of time from your girlfriends mother or friends before you propose for vital tips, for the requirements your girlfriend may have mentioned in the past. Your girlfriends mother or friends will probably have some great tips which could really help you for your engagements plans like choosing a public or private proposal?



Ask Permission From Her Father

It’s always best to ask for permission from your girlfriends Father before asking your girlfriend to marry you. One of the great reasons for doing this is to get his approval which will look great in the eyes of your girlfriend! It is important that you learn the etiquette of How To Ask A Girl To Marry You, because as I say, you get one shot at the title.



Choosing Between A Public And Private Proposal

Depending on what you were able to learn from the hints your girlfriends mother or friends told you, you should be able to work out what would work best for your girlfriend. Don’t worry if you didn’t find this out because generally public proposals have always worked best for me. A nice restaurant which the two of you have been to before, will always be a good option because your girlfriend will feel relaxed, and more likely to say yes in a familiar setting.



Picking Out The Ring

Picking the ring for your proposal needs to be able to fit into your budget, and yet stun her by it’s incredible beauty. Some girls prefer rubies, sapphires, emeralds or diamonds. If your girlfriends mother or friends did not mention the type of ring that your soon to be fiancé would like, then it’s always safe to get a girl a gold diamond ring. The diamond does not have to be large, and smaller diamonds are quite reasonably priced to fit in with your budget too.



Write Down And Practice Your Speech

It always pays to write down your speech, and practice before proposing to your soon-to-be fiancé because you really do not want to forget what to say to her on your special occasion.


The Little Details

Remembering the little details like not kneeling down until the end of your proposal speech, adds a nice personal touch to the proposal which only you would know. My advice to you is take your time here. Prepare months in advance, you get one opportunity at this moment that might last a couple of minutes. Think about this, after she says yes, after the ring is on her finger, after you have announced it to the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and right up to and beyond your wedding day, people are going to be asking your fiancé “how did he propose”. So make it a good one and do your preparation. I hope this is beginning to hit home the importance of knowing How To Ask A Girl To Marry You. Feel free to comment and ask questions below and we can give advice on ideas that you may have.


Breathe Slowly And Relax

Now is the time to breath slowly, relax, and propose your speech to your soon-to-be fiancé. Don’t get flustered because you have done the practice beforehand. Just speak to her like a really good friend, kneel down at the end of your speech, and say “Will you marry me?”

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