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Ways Of Proposing To A Girl | How To Propose To A Girl I Love?

Ways Of Proposing To A Girl

If you want some ways of proposing to a girl that you love, then here are some tips:


Be Yourself

Proposing to a girl, always works best if you just be yourself. She loves you for being the person that you are, and not someone else. The girl you love might not think you are serious if you start acting like someone she does not recognise in order for her to marry you. If you just be yourself then you won’t get flustered when it comes time to proposing.


Know your Girl and Propose Accordingly

Every girl is different, and not all are the same so a girl may like it if you propose to her in a special way. This could either be in a public place or in a private place. She might have given you a hint as to if she is a private person or likes public places so propose accordingly.


Make Special Plans

Making special plans for the girl are going to propose to is always a great idea. This could be something as simple as making a booking at your favourite restaurant, planning a picnic at the park, or even just making sure that the beach is nice, and quite for you to propose to her.


Buy a special gift for her

Every girl always has some favourite thing they really enjoy. This could be a box of chocolates, some red roses, or something they have really wanted for a long time, like some new accessories. If you really want to get into the big league when it comes to ways of proposing to a girl – your girlfriend, then you can follow these advanced tips. Plan 1 month + to send your future wife little gifts…chocolates ..a little note left on the pillow, flowers (if she likes flowers, not all girls actually do, it’s the appreciation thing they are looking for).In order words , be extra nice and make her think wow my partner , boyfriend is amazing! don’t over do it, but plan and execute!


Proposing in a unique way

Once you have done all the above steps it i now time to propose to your girl. It always pays to propose to a girl in a unique way so she does not anticipate what is going to happen. You could either make the lead up to the proposal long or make it short, and quick. Either way only you would now the best unique way to propose because you know your girl best. Practice your proposal speech ahead of time so your not flustered if you forget what to say but maybe this could be your unique way of proposing.

Remember the worst thing that could happen is that your girl could say “No, I do not want to marry you”. In which case this means, that she is not ready yet to get married so all you need to do is just work on your relationship, and give her time.


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