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Cheap Wedding Ideas On A Budget | How to Budget For Your Wedding

We’ve all got a budget we set to plan our wedding and some of us are thinking about how to plan a cheap wedding on a budget. Everyone is different, for example, mine could be £1000 and yours might be £100,000. Whatever the budget, all of us get just one time to wear your wedding dress, that you’d imagined ever since being very small and just one single chance to have the whole occasion photographed and documented, creating memories to cherish for eternity!


Venue and Venue Decor

cheap wedding ideas
If you go for the local town hall which is cheap as chips to hire, you could hire a venue decoration company to transform it into something beautiful that matches your colour scheme or theme. Use Pinterest to design your own theme. If however, you book a fairy tale castle, let it’s natural character be the focus and lose the bunting and balloons all together.


cheap wedding ideas

Spend time browsing lots of photographer’s portfolios and choose one that you really like, then look at the price, you can always pinch some budget from somewhere else but I can’t say it enough, don’t scrimp on your wedding photographer. A good idea is to talk to past customers and get their honest thoughts on the photographer and the photos they produced. Those memories are so important and an experienced and reputable photographer will capture every precious moment.

The Wedding Dress

cheap wedding ideas
Yes you can visit all of the fancy bridal shops and we absolutely encourage this. Looking and feeling amazing is important, but be sure to shop around and get some cheap wedding ideas before blowing thousands, you might get lucky with the one you had your eye on. I know of brides who went on Ebay to find a perfect second hand wedding dress. You will know when you find the right wedding dress.

Hair and makeup

cheap wedding ideas
This all comes down to looking and feeling the part and if you want to look and feel amazing all day, this might mean that you need to hire a hairdresser and professional makeup artist.

Wedding cake

cheap wedding ideas
Wedding cakes can be expensive but if you knew the hours and the craftsmanship involved you’d better understand why they cost what they cost.  There are so many things involved, it’s not just icing some sponge. The cake maker will be qualified, experienced, have expensive equipment, overheads, have a food hygiene certificate and insurance. These all cost money.

Wedding DJ / Band

cheap wedding ideas
You simply won’t get the same atmosphere by just plugging in an Ipod. Music really sets the tone for a wedding. Decide on if you want a Band or DJ then source a couple you are thinking about, then go and watch them.Get a feel for the atmosphere they’ll create because that’s important – not just the quality of music.

A great savings tip if you need one

cheap wedding ideas

If you are a spender or shopaholic, maybe you shouldn’t be in charge of the budget… Consider getting someone who can help and guide you with your cheap wedding ideas and budget. Working together as a couple on the budget is essential, because the groom is not the one who planned his fairy tale wedding since he was 12 years old… He might be the one who puts on the brakes when it comes to spending. A good way of saving money towards something, is by having a savings plan.


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Wedding on a budget deserve products that you can afford!

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