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Getting the most out of your Wedding Hair Stylist

Getting the most out of your Wedding Hair Stylist

Having beautiful hair on your wedding day is one thing that every wedding couple want. Knowing how to achieve this look is another thing. This video interview with Karen from Bladez Hair and Beauty will set the scene for what essentially you need to do!

When should you Book your Hair Stylist

We recommend at least 6 months in advance so we can arrange your trials too. Especially if your wedding is on a Saturday With Saturdays being a salons busiest day – you don’t want to be disappointed that they are full.

Would you do the bridesmaid hair too and mother of bride/groom?

We cater for all your bridal party including guests 

What’s your maximum number for the day, would you have more than one stylist working?

We have 3 stylist that work in the salon plus a makeup artist & a beautician, so we can cater for all your needs on the lead up and on the day. The most we have had in a bridal party has been 11! Depends on what your looking to have done on the day & the time of your wedding for our timing

Do you travel to the venue?

Yes we can come to the venue if your choice or you can come to the salon 

If they came to the salon how would the day run?

If your choice was to come to the salon it would only be your bridal party in the salon where you would have our full attention and a glass of bubbly

Do you have an initial consultation then a trial at a later date, or is that all done on the same day?

When booking we have an initial chat to find out what your requirements are & who is in your bridal party. We make recommendations too. We recommend that you have a trial for maybe your hen night so you can see how your hair stays in place and how comfortable you are. However we do change your look after the trial so everyone doesn’t see how your going to look on the day 

Do the bridesmaids have a trial?

Everyone is different so the choice is yours sometimes brides choose for all bridesmaids to have a trial or just the maid of honour or none at all. Most brides show us a photo of what they want the bridesmaids hair to be like on the day

Photo by Angus Forbes check out his Hints and Tips in the Photography video

Should they already have any accessories/veil for the day of the trial?

We always recommend for you to have all your hair accessories for the trial however if you don’t all brides leave the trial knowing what they want in their hair after the trial 

Is it worth getting extensions so they can get their desired style?

Some brides want extensions or sometimes depending on the style they want & their hair type we would recommend extensions, these could be semi permanent, clip in it weave which we can supply & fit. This will be discussed in more detail in another video.

How can the bride prepare her hair on the lead up to the wedding?

After a consultation we would always make individual recommendations, treatments, colour or a trim every bride is different .

Do you ever advise a change in diet, supplements, rest from hair colour or heated styling tools?

We would never recommend a change in diet or supplements. We listen to brides needs & requirements and advise from there.

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